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Mango Rush Salt 30ML

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Mango Rush - Mega Salt E Liquid 

A rush of excitement is going to flow through your veins when you get a hold of this vape juice blend that brings together vibrant, bold fruit flavors in such a dynamic and delicious kind of way. If you close your eyes and allow yourself to peacefully float away into the abyss of your mind, you might even feel yourself being carried away to a tropical island paradise. Even if it's a damp, dreary, overcast day in the middle of January, if you give into that flavor you might even start to feel the sensation of a bright, warm, glowing sunshine on your face. There is a quality with juices like this that is able to have you feeling refreshed, revived and like you just got back from a month long vacation away from all of your responsibilities within those 10 minutes that you are able to duck away and fire up your mod. When you come back it is going to be like you're a whole new person who is able to do their thing to the very best of their ability. Are you in the mood to go on a round trip holiday this afternoon? Mega Salt E Liquid is a collection of vape juice blends that are made with bold, big flavor that is going to make an impact on your taste buds from the moment that your mod hits your lips. Made with awesome ingredients and blended together for the most authentic flavors as possible, you are going to be so happy to have them in your repertoire to reach for. Mango Rush combines fresh off of the tree, succulent, juicy mango with sweet white peaches for a mashup that is refreshment at its finest.