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Raspberry Grenade 60mL

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For those who like a little bit of sour with their sweet, there’s Raspberry Grenade By Riot Squad E-Liquid 60ml, which provides the palate with a bold burst of citrus and berries that come together to deliver the perfect lemonade delight. Don’t be fooled, however – this is not an e liquid that plays it safe. Each flavor component gives you a blast of intense nectar that makes the palate drip with saliva whenever you take a hit off of your mod.

Once you inhale, bright and tart raspberries make their presence known, soaking every taste bud with mouth-puckering juiciness while you lick your lips with pleasure. Then comes the sourness from the lemon juice that trickles along the mouth before running down the throat to improve your thirst. When exhaling you’ll be treated to a strong hit of pure sugar that offers generous balance, while you savor the rejuvenating taste of the flavor profile as a whole.

Raspberry Grenade vape juice from Riot Squad comes in a medium-sized, uniquely shaped bottle and has an even more refreshing fog blend of 70/30 VG/PG.

For those who have a hankering for an ejuice that hits the spot on a profound level, this is the one to try.