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The Graham Blueberry 60mL

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Graham Slam is revived with a handful of flavors and a new name, The Graham. It now boasts a delicious collection of three new flavors, and The Graham Blueberry is by far one of the most impressive. It offers up a delicious mix of graham crackers, milk, and blueberries to once again have you hooked on its amazing taste.

What is The Graham Blueberry vape juice? The Graham Blueberry by The Mamasan is an amazing concoction of flavors that you are sure to want to revisit over and over again. It provides loads of flavor for your taste buds, and you simply won't be able to get enough of its incredible trio of flavors that come together perfectly. Expect a brilliantly crafted blend that consists of graham crackers, creamy milk, and blueberry flavor. It's an amazing vape that will make you fall in love with The Mamasan vape juice all over again.