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Watermelon Rush Ice Salt 30ML

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Watermelon Rush Ice - Mega Salt E Liquid


We all need a little bit of extra refreshment in our lives. Whether it's the middle of winter or summer is in full swing, a juice like this is going to find its use and come in handy. You are going to be able to appreciate the bold and effective kind of flavor that is held within this blend that give you a vaping experience that is much more elevated than with your typical run of the mill kind of juice. You are going to get an intense invigoration that is going to come to your rescue during those times where you need a little pick me up that will help you to feel a chill go through your body that has you relieved beyond belief. Imagine it now, it's a disgustingly hot, humid day where you feel sweaty, bogged down and wish that you could just book a ticket to the middle of the north pole and stay there until the weather changes. You reach for your mod, load it up with this wonderful juice and feel yourself coming out of that funk and being able to withstand the horrors of those summer time heat waves. Mega Salt E Liquid makes vape juices that are going to appeal to a wide range of different vapers. They know what people want and they deliver it with an authenticity and full flavor that makes you feel like you are actually having the real thing. Every one of their juices is made with salt nicotine for a really impactful, powerful nicotine blast that will be delivered with every inhale. Watermelon Rush Ice starts off with a ripe, sweet, juicy watermelon flavor that is already so over the top refreshing and gives it a blast of menthol.